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History to Time Force (3000)

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This is many theory on LSR, SPD and TF.

*On Earth after the LSR team are victorious Ryan Mitchell takes over as leader of LSR. He later is joined by Cam from NS, Hayley from DT and Billy MMPR-Zeo. Together they develop LSR into a regional earth defence league. To protect Earth from alien invaders by 2010 LSR has become a globally recognised league. (several former rangers work for LSR)

*In Space it's the year 2004 and the I.S rangers have joined forces with the Alien rangers, Gold Ranger and L.G Rangers together they form they're own Space Defence League known as Space Patrol they work on defending the galaxies from alien threats whenever possible.

* In 2012 following the "Legendary War" LightSpeed Rescue collapses and only a few members keep it going but it's stability was weakened. while the Space Patrol also suffered damage during this time.

* In 2013 Billy Cranston arranges a meeting with the head of Space Patrol Andros and they agree to unite both divisions into one huge organisation SPACE PATROL DELTA (SPD) from this they take up the idea of having members become Police Officers and the A-Squad become known as Power Rangers SPD. These roles are intially taken by

Andros (Red) - Ex In Space
Ryan (Blue) - Ex Light-Speed
Cam (Green) - Ex Ninja Storm
Kira (Yellow) - Ex Dino Thunder
Karone (Pink) - Ex Lost Galaxy

Tray (Shadow) - Ex Zeo

Commander of SPD - Billy - Ex MMPR
General of SPD - Daphine - Ex Alien

These become the first SPD Rangers up until 2018. Andros is killed in battle, Billy retires as Commander replaced by Daphine while Ryan becomes General. Tray leaves.

Wes (Red) - Ex Time Force
Justin (Blue) - Ex Turbo
Cam (Green) - Ex Ninja
Kira (Yellow) - Ex Dino
Karone (Pink) - Ex Lost

Tommy (Shadow) Ex MMPR,ZEO,TURBO,DT

SPD continues it's roll of defending Earth and Galaxies. In 2020 a major shift in power as SPD becomes more militaristic. The current A-Squad become Elite Squad and they head off into deep space taking the former In Space morphers to go fight.

SPD is reorganised it's main centre of command is run by Supreme Commander Birdy and the SPD on earth by Commander Cruger who sets up a new A-Squad.

* In 2025 we have SPD series as seen on TV

by 2050 SPD is the most powerful defence league in the universe and has many regional branches across 25 galaxies.

However in 2093 officially 100 years since the original PR earth team, problems face the SPD.

Commander Linshard from the K-O35 region is vying for Supreme Commander but he secretly wants more than control he want's to establish a dictatorship regime allowing him to take over the universe. He steals the Zeo crystal that was buried on earth 93 years earlier he creates a team of Zeo Rangers and through the new Machine Empire (members re-built by Linshard) SPD faces it's deadliest foe.

The New Machine Empire and Zeo Rangers fight SPD from 2093-2097 in an almighty struggle the two sides are in stalemate. Linshard in the meanwhile uses the war to become Supreme Commander of SPD and through propaganda he lets people believe its his tactics and using Emergency Powers that is how they were able to defeat the Machine Empire but actually he called them off.

Linshard now with more powers than any previous commander rebrands SPD. The Imperial Galactic Force (I.G.F) he remains leader indefinitely. His regime lasts until 2105 when he comes under pressure from Rebels who see him as an evil force and against what SPD stood for the Rebels are known as The Angel Grove Rangers (in memory of MMPR).

After a year long battle the tyrant Linshard is defeated and killed in battle. I.G.F needs complete overhaul and roles altered. The A.G.R intially try to seize power to restore former SPD glory however they fail and the military and police of earth step in and take control.

I.G.F is reformed under Police control and its known as Police Patrol Delta taking originality from SPD days but with different values.

by 2200 Time Travel had been invented and became used by the PPD this caused them to rebrand themselves TIME FORCE and thus finally began the shift towards the peaceful world as seen in T.F


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