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Paul Schrier And Jason Narvy [Audio]

Description - Paul Schrier And Jason Narvy interviewed on The Fox Kids Countdown! If you don't know who they are... go die! Just kidding. It's Bulk and Skull!


Ron Wasserman [Audio]

Description - A great interview of Ron Wasserman. You may known him as "The Legendary Power Ranger Composer". Just made that up. But it sounds good.


Fox Kids Countdown - Amy Jo Johnson [Audio]

Description - An interview of Amy Jo Johnson AKA Kimberly.


Fox Kids Countdown - Jason David Frank [Audio]

Description - An interview of Jason David Frank AKA Tommy..


Fox Kids Countdown - Austin St. John [Audio]

Description - An interview of Austin St John AKA Jason.


Eyeshine With Johnny Yong Bosch [Audio]

Description - An interview with Johnny Yong Bosch and his band "Eyeshine". Hosted by Lisa J on No Pink Spandex!


Matt Austin [Audio]

Description - Another great interview done by Lisa J on No Pink Spandex. This time it's Matt Austin AKA Bridge.


Paul Schrier [Audio]

Description - Once again, Lisa J brings you a great interview with Paul Schrier AKA Bulk!


Tommy And Others [Video]

Description - An interview with Tommy and a few others. It's awesome! They stay in character!


1995 Interview - JDF, Amy Jo Johnson, And David Yost [Video]

Description - An interview done by GMTV with Jason David Frank, Amy Jo Johnson, and David Yost. They were in Australia!


GMTV - Cast Of MMPR Movie [Video]

Description - Another interview done by GMTV. Including a few of the cast members from the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Movie.


Amy Jo Johnson Inteview Clip [Video]

Description - A 10 second clip of Amy Jo Johnson talking about the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers movie.


Johnny Yong Bosch [Video]

Description - Johnny Yong Bosch talking about how he became a power ranger. For those of you who don't know... It's Adam!