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Power Rangers Samurai

01. The Team Unites                                                                                   
02. Deal With A Nighlok
03. Day Off
04. Sticks And Stones
05. Fish Out Of Water
06. There Go The Brides
07. I've Got A Spell On Blue
08. Forest For The Trees
09. Test Of The Leader
10. Jayden's Challenge
11. Unexpected Arrival
12. Room For One More
13. The Blue And The Gold
14. Team Spirit
15. The Tengen Gate
16. Boxed In
17. Broken Dreams
18. The Ultimate Duel
19. Origins - Part 1
20. Origins - Part 2
21. Party Monsters
22. Clash Of The Red Rangers
23. Christmas Together, Friends Forever

Power Rangers Super Samurai

01. Super Samurai                                                                                       
02. Shell Game
03. Trading Places
04. Something Fishy
05. The Rescue
06. The Bullzord
07. He Ain't Heavy Metal, He's My Brother
08. Kevin's Choice
09. Runaway Spike
10. The Strange Case Of The Munchies
11. A Sticky Situation
12. Trust Me
13. The Master Returns
14. A Crack In The World
15. Stroke Of Fate
16. Fight Fire With Fire
17. The Great Duel
18. Evil Reborn
19. The Sealing Symbol
20. Samurai Forever
21. Trickster Treat
22. Stuck On Christmas
23. TBA