Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters: Official Discussion - Vanilla 2
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Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters: Official Discussion

  • Who are the Go-Busters anyway?

    What kind of abilities do each of these three have?

    Will they add two or more Go-Busters as this series goes on?

    What will the villains of this series look like?

    Will the Go-Busters team up with the Gokaigers?
  • their plot ois kind of a mashup of Dino thunder/RPM/their own thing lol
  • its going to be parody...meep;(
  • lets not forget they dont wear spandex =O
  • Anyone else think thats kinda....stupid?
  • Love the name, diggin' the morphers, and I hate to say it but, not lovin' the suits... they don't look like Sentai/Ranger outfits they strike me as something you'd see an intense team of snowboarders wearing...stick to the spandex, it's worked for 30+ years what mess that up?!?
  • hope its good like gokaiger is
    even when all hope seems lost, the power rangers will always protect you.
  • Are they really going to say "Let's Morphin" or did you add that as a joke to see if people were actually reading. If it's true I would rather them say "It's Morphing Time" and just parody or pay tribute to their Power Rangers counterpart. Either way it still seems interesting and that villian picture reminds me of Basco in his monster form.
  • Not lovin' it... sorry, looks kinda cheesey
  • I think all of the series were.."cheesy" in their own little way. But I really think that with the popularity of Gokaiger, Go-Busters is getting a pretty raw deal, it's being measured against a season where we got to see some of our favorite rangers again. So I say measure it by its own standards not by Gokaiger. Still looks kind of cool with the spy motif. Where is my sentai series where the red ranger get's a harem or something, that would be worth watching.
  • when will there promo of go-busters promo video morphin / henshin
  • Second promo has been added to the main post.
  • the second promo has some really good unmorphed not sure about the purple tho :P

  • When does it air?
    Remember, hacking is more than just a crime. It's a survival trait.
  • lol. I read it. I just didn't see that above the video.
    Remember, hacking is more than just a crime. It's a survival trait.
  • This season looks REALLY stupid! And why the HECK do they ALWAYS do red, yellow, and blue!? Why not red, pink, blue or red, pink, green?! It makes me SO ANGRY! Give the pink rangers a time to shine not the stupid yellow rangers!

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