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  • Give us the option to removed our comment and discussion on this forums
    Good idea, i'll add that soon, if possible.
  • not sure if this is the right place but what about having a spoiler tags option for something we might want to post in the forum but don't want to spoil for people who haven't seen that series or episode.
    That's also a good idea.
  • cmon ya poor sport. I said it before on another post but I will reiterate.

    First there was Napster, then that got policed and torrents came about, then that got policed and file-sharing sites have come about. Now that it is being policed so we just wait until the next best thing (my money is on the mailing of USB drives to each other!! :-? )
    The idea of mailing USB devices to each other isn't a bad idea at all. The only problem with that is not everyone can afford the postage costs for some of the USB devices at the present time.
  • Given the fact that it's a USB device, it could get lost in the mail or someone could take it, delete everything on it, and keep it for themselves, as well.
  • @NightMere10 you have a good point regarding the negative parts of billybob8476's idea.
  • But think of the positives!!!!!

    Postal Service wouldn't suspect people mailing flash-drives back and forth!!
    Using the statement "I'm lending it to you" means that a non-return becomes theft (if there is legal ownership of a digital copy)!!
    I will get back to you when I have more!!

    PS @Nightmere10: This :-? was supposed to come off as snarky and sarcastic. I have no idea how it would actually work............but it could :D
  • @billybob8476 I understand the concept that you are thinking of, but there are so many things that can go wrong with the postal service handling the USB devices. Everyone would have to brainstorm to come up with something that will actually work.
  • edited April 2012
    there should be rules, such as no flaming, spamming, double posting, or posting topics that have already been posted(though i've been guilty of this once before), and if you break the rules you should receive a warning, and if you do it more you should be banned. There is a member named Ifresh roaming around the Forums constantly double posting, and insulting members(including myself).
  • Now now Dubby we all know you are just such a mean person. :-((
  • I r not mean :'(
  • no no no its:

  • As for the USB devices, some that I've seen can be password-protected. You could just give the password once the person tells you that they've received it.
  • password is in the envelope with the USB...BRILLIANT!! :-?
  • I got a suggestion for video uploading. Maybe we can upload it as a private video on facebook and we post the embled html link here. Then PRP post the HTML link to let us view the video. THis way the video will be undectable except to us
  • @HengYi, I doubt that would work at all. @DekaBlue, you might have something there with the idea of password protecting the USB devices. @Dubby, you do act like a mean person on here towards some people.
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