Power Rangers in 2017 to 2018 = POWER RANGERS NINJA STEEL - Vanilla 2
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Power Rangers in 2017 to 2018 = POWER RANGERS NINJA STEEL

  • I think it's like always after the first season,they will give the super name in the second season and there will be a battlizer in it,just like Super Dino Charge.
  • Now we've got an official trailer for
  • Power Ranger fans, I have a question for you all.
    The abbreviation for Power Rangers Ninja Steel is PRNS
    Look at the abbreviation for Power Rangers Ninja Storm (PRNS).
    They're both the same. We need a way to tell the difference between the two seasons when using initials.
    I propose that Power Rangers Ninja Storm remains PRNS, while Power Rangers Ninja Steel be abbreviated PRNSt (there's a lowercase t at the end).
    What do you fellow fans think?
  • @PRThunder, that's an excellent way to distinguish the two.
  • Did anyone hear that the Yellow Ninja Steel Ranger is being recasted?
  • @vgiannell5 I heard about that.
    Nico Greetham will replace Chantz Simpson as Ninja Steel Yellow Ranger.
  • New trailer
  • Why would they add an intergalactic game show in this series anyway?
  • I dunno. I mean we had a human turned into a fly being the fight announcer for every Megazord battle the Jungle Fury Rangers had. Maybe this is supposed to be some added detail to add some sort of character to the season(s)?
  • Sneak peek at a scene from the first episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel
  • New trailer
  • Finally, a sample of the Ninja Steel theme song
  • It seems that the continuation of Ninja Steel for 2018 will be known as...

    Now that we know that, here's what I think is the best and only option for an acronym for that season would be: PRSNSt
    (I find it a bit of an irritation, but I think we'll manage).
  • Altered? Why?
  • @vgiannell5 if you go to the article (link is provided). You'll notice that face has been changed. In the altered version, the guy has a helmet that matches on both sides as well as two red eyes.
    Not sure why it's altered though.
  • Ever since Dino Charge/Dino SuperCharge's finale, which saw the timeline changed in multiple ways, Power Ranger fans have been theorizing and attempting to rationalize the fate of the previous Power Ranger teams, the history that unfolded, and whether or not it was all part of the one Ranger universe we've known since 1993.
    We may soon have answers to all the questions. With Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel coming and being the 25th anniversary of the show, we may be seeing the return of legendary Power Rangers.
    Check out this article I found.

    A Running List of Super Ninja Steel Returning Actors

  • Finally, we know when the Ninja Steel Rangers return. On January 27, Ninja Steel goes "super".

    All the info we have on Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel for now can be found in these two articles.



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