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Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce: What exactly is "Warstar"?

edited September 2014 in General Discussion
In early 2013, three aliens (Admiral Malkor, Creepox, and Vrak) came to Earth to conquer it before the Armada arrived. They were called "Warstar". For some time now there has been conflict over what exactly Warstar was. Here are some possibilities.

1. Warstar is the name of the empire ruled by Emperor Mavro (which would mean that Warstar is the name of a race of aliens). Vekar, Vrak, Damaras, Argus, Levira, Malkor, Creepox, the Messenger, and Metal Alice were members of this empire which consists of aliens and robots. The Armada belongs to this empire.
This would make sense since Vrak was considered a member of Warstar and fights for his father and the Armada.

2. Warstar is the name of the emperor's small special force sent ahead to investigate any planets suitable for conquering and prepare it for invasion before the emperor and his Armada arrived.
This would also make sense since Noah (Blue Ranger) said the "Warstar aliens were just the opening act". This suggests that all the Warstar members (excluding Vrak) were destroyed at the end of the the first finale. There is also a fact that Creepox considered himself, Malkor, and the Loogies "Insectoids". This means that Warstar is not the name of an alien race, but a group of beings, in this case the group consisted of Malkor, Creepox, and Vrak, (then Metal Alice later on).

3. Warstar was a group of Insectoids led by Admiral Malkor that were approached by the Armada and asked to herald their arrival on Earth. Metal Alice was later built to help Vrak and Warstar herald the Armada's arrival.
This is possible since Malkor and Creepox spent most of the season talking about the Insectoids conquering Earth, not the emperor or the Armada. Vrak, the only one not an insectoid, was placed with them to ensure that the Earth was conqured for the emperor.

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What do you Power Ranger fans think?
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