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New Power Rangers Movie In The Works - Official Discussion

  • I would definitely like to see JDF included in the movie. He basically carried the show throughout the years, and has stood by it. As for anyone else, they aren't so much of a necessity for me.

    As for the movie itself, i'd love to see a darker feel. Maybe the first movie ending in a dark way, like a ranger dying, or them losing their powers, and the story carrying over to the next movie (A series of movies hasn't technically been announced, but it's a given).

    This sort've ties into my last point. We NEED a great villian, not just the usual villian that they kill off at the end of the movie, but a villian that actually gives them trouble, and makes the world actually believe that they are in danger. I wouldn't mind having them "think" that they kill the villian at the end, but in actuality, he's still alive.

    Ron Wasserman doing the score? Yes please!

    PG-13 rating is a must.

    I have a lot more thoughts, but need time to collect them.
  • I really do hope they use the Super megaforce cast for this 3rd film. iwill like it will fit well since its going back to its roots theme like mmpr, 20th anniversary. iwould love to see this cast in the big screen keeping the mmpr movie theme but with a little original twists/story/villians etc.. I feel it would work perfectly if the movie follows the show after it ends..

    They can make Lord Zedd Rita Vrak Prince Vekar and his Father come back to the movie as the main villains (Maybe work together to destroy the rangers). and use the Original mmpr cast as mentors/guidance (they can be the Dulcea in the movie) to help them in the quest to get their powers back!..

    Like I said ifeel like the cast should be the super megaforce cast why? and is will be better since what saban is going for is attracting kids from this new generation and like this movie. That's why having familiar faces like the original mmprs and the recent powerangers cast can attract both older fans and young fans now! instead of casting complete strangers..
  • What do you mean by "would have"?

    It's actually been successfully funded on kickstarter, and it's being made as we speak.

    Anyway, judging by the first teasers/trailer, I think it looks great.
  • Are you serious? It's being made? Morphinominal!
  • Totally serious. Problem is, Saban may demand that it stop production, just so it doesn't interfere with their movie. But, seeing as it's a smaller fan-film, hopefully they don't waste their time targeting it, and just let it be made.
  • Sheesh. They should let the fan-film be first in line instead of cutting in.
  • well the fan made version shown above is now in post production as of 23 september this year. so it shouldn't be that much longer before its out
  • You guys should see what Rita Repulsa looks like in the new movie. She looks like a green version of Scorpina.
  • I have heard some information on the new Saban movie. From what I have heard it is going to be a complete reboot of the original series. New actors casted for Trini, Kimberly, Billy. Zack and Jason. No Tommy.

    According to imdb the release date is scheduled for March 24th, 2017.
  • @vgiannell5 that is exactly what I've been saying for months.

    @Jam-Jul Lison I'm not surprised they don't have Tommy yet. If there's a sequel to this movie, he'll probably show up in that.

    @PowerRangerPlanet is there any news on that fan-made film we were talking about earlier in this discussion?
  • I've heard rumours that JDF might be making an appearance and that the gem in Rita's staff is the green power coin.
    What do you guys think.
  • I don't think so. I've heard nothing that confirms his appearance.
  • Check out the Megazord for the 2017 Power Rangers movie.

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