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Power Rangers review: The Forces of Evil - Villains "New"

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  • My favorite bosses would have to have a cool look, a cool voice, great personality, good sense of humor (even if it's evil), brilliance, an awesome base, and more.

    Power Rangers Super Megaforce brought some interesting stuff forward.

    This is footage of PRSM transforming into a team we've never seen before.

    Back in PRDT, Tommy said that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were "Earth's first team of Power Rangers". Gosei said that they unlocked modes that have never been seen before "on this planet". It means there are or were other Power Rangers on different planets and other dimensions. This also means that there are many more villains in existence than just the ones we have on this list.

    Speaking of villains, I'm not impressed with Prince Vekar. His voice and character seemed more threatening in the first episode of Super Megaforce, now his voice and character is more childish, and he is not so smart. I don't know how he was selected to be the leader of the Warstar army when Vrak had better qualities.

    At least we now know that there's a worse villain than Prince Vekar somewhere in space. This villain is Vekar and Vrak's father, the Warstar Emperor. Meeting the Warstar Emperor will be something. According to Matacore in PRSM episode 5 "Samurai Surprise", conquering the Earth was the Emperor's "mission", which means he's behind everything that happened this past year and everything happening this year. This guy sends one of his sons (Vrak), his admiral (Malkor), his admiral's warrior (Creepox), and his admiral's personal army of minions (Loogies) ahead of himself and his other son's (Vekar) armada to prepare the Earth for invasion. Whoever the Warstar Emperor is, he is clearly unlike the villains seen in the past.

    What do you have to say about the villains?
    @PowerRangerPlanet , @NightMere10 , @Dubby , @sayla0079 , @MattEmily , @vgiannell5 , @Ranger91 , @DekaBlue , @Yanman10 , @PoisonLotus , @EHT30J1981 , @zeorangerboy , @iFresh , @GoldenTurbo , @darkvincentes , @zyusouken , @harsh , @PoisonLotus, @thejim ?
  • The Warstar Empire is gonna have their hands full now that there are 7 Megaforce Rangers (Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Pink, Robo Knight, and Silver). I have a feeling that there will be more new villains to come and it might not be long before we finally meet the Warstar Emperor.
    From what we've seen in "Silver Lining Part 1", Earth is not the only planet to be attacked by Warstar. They've conquered and destroyed worlds before, which makes them a very dangerous threat.
  • The villains are okay but have not seen enough yet to know for sure
  • @vgiannell5 That may be so, but once all the Megaforce Rangers are reunited, it will be 7 versus the armada.
  • The Rangers are gonna need a lot of power and help to beat the Armada. Orion (Silver Megaforce Ranger) made it clear that the Armada is not to be underestimated. His homeworld was destroyed by them. They could have conquered many planets before. We've been underestimating the enemies of the Megaforce Rangers. Malkor, Vrak, Creepox, Metal Alice, and the Messenger were part of a dangerous empire led by an evil emperor, Prince Vekar, his assistants (Damaras, Levira, Argus), and the Toxic Mutants were recruited to help. This is an enemy like we've never seen before. They have aliens, mutants, machines, and who knows what else in their arsenal. My guess is that any villains that come next to challenge Megaforce, including the Warstar Emperor, will be pretty tough.
  • I found out who the Warstar Emperor is. His name is Emperor Mavro. I believe he's going to appear in Super Megaforce's season finale.
  • Interesting information. Hopefully he'll turn out to be quite a villain.
    Speaking of villains, does anyone besides me notice a change in Damaras? What Vekar said in "Silver Lining Part 1" about how he would do anything to destroy the Rangers seems to have changed Damaras a bit. In "Silver Lining Part 2" Damaras attacked the Earth and the Rangers without Prince Vekar's approval. He even said that perhaps they "can do better without him".
    Stuff like this usually leads to someone going rogue.
  • That's a good point. Vrak might do that. I'm actually hoping that Vrak will take over the Armada and be the villain the Megaforce Rangers battle in the final fight. He seems more worthy to be a leader than Malkor or Vekar. I bet Vrak is an even better villain than his father.
  • Well I guess we have lots of theories as to what will happen. Both our theories could possibly happen in Megaforce, but I do believe that having Vrak as the last standing villain leading the Warstar Empire into the final battle and have him be the last villain the Megaforce Rangers would make the ending of Super Megaforce awesome. Vrak deserves that honor since he's proven to be the best Megaforce villain so far.
    How would you want it to end @vgiannell5?
  • Ok. Professor Cog did what no other team-up villain has ever done... he came back after the team-up episode. Normally, a new villain appears in the Team-Up episode(s) then gets destroyed at the end. Professor Cog appeared in the RPM-PRS/PRSS team-up episodes, was defeated by the RPM and Samurai Rangers, then came back to fight the Megaforce Rangers. This makes Ranger history. At least the Megaforce Rangers finished him off for good. He was one tough robotic villain.
    Was anyone else surprised to see him return?
    He brought a lot of things to think about. Gosei said the Corinth has been a peace for a long time, but Cog said that his master gave him instructions. This can only mean that the Venjix Virus is not in RPM Red's morpher anymore. Guess Venjix still has some active factories somewhere in the area once known as "the Wasteland" and is trying to rebuild everything he lost at the hands of the RPM Rangers. I had really hoped that "Danger and Destiny" was the end of Venjix, but it looks like the fight we thought was over is still going on.
  • In Power Rangers Super Megaforce "All Hail Prince Vekar", we finally get to see the leader of the Armada, the father of Vekar and Vrak, and the one responsible for everything the Megaforce Rangers had to deal with for the past 2 years... Emperor Mavro. He looks creepy and his voice is creepy.
    At least we now know which son Mavro favors. Vekar and Vrak fought for his approval because they each thought their brother was favored more. Mavro's favorite son is Vrak. I guess that's why Vrak was sent with Malkor to Earth ahead of Vekar, because he is smarter and better than his older brother.
    So Mavro is all black. I guess that means that Vrak and Vekar's mother was silver and blue. Vrak seems to take his appearance from his father and mother, while Vekar takes his appearance mostly from his mother.

  • I'm curious about something Power Ranger fans. In Super Megaforce, we counted Emperor Mavro, Vekar, Vrak, Damaras, Levira, and Argus as the main villains, but what about the two aliens that arrived with Malkor? There was Redker (red one) and Yellzor (yellow one). I know Yellzor disappeared (probably went back to the ship he and the others arrived in), but since they both were introduced with Mavro, should they be considered bosses too or were they just like "monsters of the week" that stuck around for a while?
  • I am amazed at just how many villains we've met over 21 years. And we're going to meet some more in Power Rangers Dino Charge. This is a really long list of bad guys.
  • @PRThunder I personally would just consider Redker and Yellzor to be Monsters of the Week. Yes they came with Mavro but an earlier monster was part of his army too but he was just considered to be a Monster of the Week type of Monster.
  • @MattEmily that's exactly the same thing I was thinking when those 2 first appeared, but Redker lasted 3 episodes (same as Emperor Mavro), Yellzord disappeared after his first appearance. Redker lasted one episode longer than the Messenger, yet the Messenger is considered a boss while Redker is considered monster of the week. How does that work?
    Speaking of villains, is anyone besides me feeling ready to see the new villains in Power Rangers Dino Charge?
  • @PRThunder I don't believe The Messenger is considered as a boss he was just more like a General I'd say.

    Yes I am ready to see the new villains.

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