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Power Rangers Megaforce: Red and Pink Romantic couple?

  • thanx!! N yes there sis going to be a romance between them but it seems thr going to be slow with it im pretty sure ima see them hanging out dating etc.. in ep 3 theres some scenes that show that they have a thing for each other:))
  • @iFresh...that's excellent.
  • I wish I could get a vid of that moment where they were staring at each other when Troy helped Emma.
  • there was that scene n ther was one more i just dont remember it wat scene was it n the stare they both had was pretty long lol it obvious thrs somethin going on :))
  • @iFresh. May I suggest that you see the episode again? There is a link to it in my episodes discussion "Power Rangers Megaforce (Viewable Episodes)" http://www.powerrangerplanet.org/forum/discussion/comment/9473#Comment_9473
  • i knw this is off topic but is important. do you knw a website where i can go and check the rangers age, where they from etc but thr real life info??
  • @Fresh you want the information on the actors?
  • Information about actors is hard to get, on the Power Rangers Wikia, Andrew Gray, the man who plays Troy was born February 4th... but doesn't tell you what year. Also, Thunder, I THOUGHT OF TROY AND EMMA FIRST! lol
  • @PRthunder yes the actors i believe andrew is the oldest ithink his in his mid 20s but i wanna knw more of them

    n troy n emma r so cute together! #TREMMA
  • @iFresh, when were these taken. I didn't see these images in the latest episodes
  • this are scenes from the new episode that airs tomorrow "Stranger Ranger" the sneak peek is on megaforcecast
  • This is getting frustrating. I haven't seen one romantic connection between Troy and Emma since the "Going Viral" episode.
  • I got something! I got a clip from the next episode "Harmony and Dizchord" and I placed it with the vids and pics at the top of the page. Troy and Emma are hanging out. Could this be another sign of upcoming romance between the Red and Pink?

    BTW @iFresh you could have just edited those comments and have all the vids in one comment instead of 3
  • @iFresh I saw a lot more romantic connections between Troy and Emma in "Harmony and Dizchord" I'm very certain that they will be together. I will add clips to the top comment
  • i knw n yes thr for sure gonna be together Troy just seem shy

  • Emma definitely showed a lot of affection for Troy in "Who's Crying Now". She tried to help him with the bullies and gave Troy a look of concern you may find in someone who loves you.
  • I cannot wait to see more connections between Troy and Emma. I can see it growing. I'm so gonna love it when they finally get together
  • IM WITH YOU!! I love this couple thr so cute the gia and jake couple I love em too thr funny!
  • Emma appears to be eyeing Troy a few times in "Prince Takes Knight" I wish there wuld be more signs besides looking at each other. We saw lots of signs in "Harmony and Dizchord" but I'd like a episode just for them with plenty of affection.
    BTW I can smell more affection between Jake and Gia than Troy and Emma.
    Speaking of Jake and Gia, their double-team attack was cool.

    I remember the first time Troy and Emma showed signs of affection. It was in "Going Viral" Speaking of which, I finally found scenes from that episode that totally show Troy-Emma romance. I've added it to the 1st comment on the 1st page. It will be in the "Going Viral" section.

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