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Power Rangers review: From "Teenagers with Attitude" to "Defenders of the Universe" to NOW
  • 845 EPISODES. 128 RANGERS. 20 TEAMS. 24 YEARS ON THE AIR. AND THE POWER WILL NEVER END. On August 28, 1993, the world was introduced to a brand new team of heroes. The interdimensional being named Zordon chose Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly to become Earth's first POWER RANGERS, among the countless teams and generations of beings from all planets, galaxies, and dimensions who have all fought for the safety of the universe. Ever since that day, the world has been saved over and over again by many different teams from different worlds.

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    10,000 years ago, the intergalactic being Zordon fought in a war against the evil space sorceress known as Rita Repulsa. Rita Repulsa and her forces were finally captured and imprisoned inside a space dumpster, but not before she trapped Zordon in a time warp. In present day (1993) she is released, by two unsuspecting astronauts and decides to conquer and destroy Earth. Zordon decides that Earth needs Power Rangers. Power Rangers are super-powered warriors who have defended the universe for many millenia, and there have been many teams and generations of them throughout the universe. Zordon chooses five "teenagers with attitude" (Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor, Billy Cranston, Trini Kwan, and Kimberly Ann Hart) to be Earth's first team of Power Rangers to combat the forces of Rita Repulsa and other villains from across the universe. They become the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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    Master Vile, father of Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto, uses the Orb of Doom to cast a spell to reverse the Earth's rotation, turning everyone into children, including the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Due to the spell, the Rangers become powerless, so Zordon calls for help from 5 of his alien friends (Aurico, Cestro, Corcus, Tideus, and Delphine) from the watery planet Aquitar. Zordon turns these 5 aquatic beings into Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers to defend the Earth until the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers restore everything to normal.

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    With the Power Coins destroyed, and the Alien Rangers gone having served their purpose on Earth, the Rangers turn to a new source of power, the Zeo Crystals. The power of the Zeo Crystals turn the former Mighty Morphin Rangers and newcomer, Tanya Sloan, into Power Rangers Zeo. With this, the Rangers renew their mission within the hidden Power Chamber. With their new power, the Rangers must face a new threat, the Machine Empire, who has succeeded in scaring Rita and Zedd away and plan to conquer Earth. .

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    With Rita and Zedd's opting not to continue fighting against the Power Rangers after their success in "blowing up" the leaders of the Machine Empire, the Earth is at peace and the Rangers are ready to graduate from Angel Grove High School (class of 1997) and move onto college. They are soon called back into action when a group of pirates led by Divatox, the Intergalactic Pirate Queen of Evil and Toxic Diva, comes to Earth with plans to conquer the universe. The rangers shift into higher gear and become Power Rangers Turbo. Zordon and Alpha 5 leave for Eltar after the wizard Lerigo frees Zordon from his Time-Warp imprisonment, with the inquisitive Dimitria and Alpha 6 arriving to take their place and help the Turbo Rangers.

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    After the destruction of the Power Chamber, the powerless Turbo Rangers (minus Justin) get a shuttle and chase Divatox into space. They meet Andros, the Red Space Ranger, who informs them that Zordon is being drained by Dark Spector, the leader of the United Alliance of Evil (which includes Rita & Zedd, Master Vile, the Machine Empire, Divatox, and many other evil-doers), who plans to conquer the entire universe. Andros gives TJ, Carlos, Ashley, and Cassie morphers and they join forces to become Power Rangers In Space. Dark Spector assigns his co-leader Astronema, the princess of evil, to stop the Rangers from finding Zordon until the draining process is complete. The Space Rangers soar through the universe on the Astro Megaship and undertake a universal mission to save Zordon from Dark Spector, battle evil throughout space, and stop the United Alliance of Evil from conquering the entire universe.

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    Some time after the Space Rangers' final battle, a planet called Mirinoi is attacked by Scorpius and his general Furio, who want to steal five legendary and powerful swords called Quasar Sabers use their power to conquer the universe. A native girl from Mirinoi falls through a portal and asks for help from a small group of humans from Earth. The small group succeeds in pulling the Quasar Sabers out of a stone, and the Sabers transform them into a new team of Rangers, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Armed with the Sabers, and assisted by Alpha 6 and DECA on the Astro Megaship, they take on the forces of Scorpius, his daughter Trakeena, and other villains, with help from the Galactabeasts (giant animals that also serve as zords).

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    As Terra Venture's passengers colonize Mirinoi, Earth begins facing a new threat. 5,000 years ago, a group of demons ruled a small part of USA and they would only destroy everything. A warlock captured and sealed them away in a tomb. In present day (the year 2000), a group of nomads open the tomb and inadvertently release the demons. The demons are not happy that a city named Mariner Bay has been built where their palace used to be, and intend to rebuild their palace after destroying the city before conquering the world. Captain Mitchell of the rescue operations organization called Lightspeed Rescue chooses five skilled and talented people, including his daughter, to defend Mariner Bay as Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

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    In the year 3000, the Earth is inhabited by humans, aliens, and mutants. A mutant criminal named Ransik escapes captivity, steals the prison containing his army of mutant criminals, and travels back in time so that the Time Force cannot stop him from conquering the world. Four Time Force officers chase him to the year 2001 (not long after Lightspeed Rescue's final battle). A rich man from 2001 joins them and together, they become Power Rangers Time Force, and fight Ransik's forces in order to save the world and its future.

    3,000 years ago, an evil being called Master Org rose from the ground, created more Orgs, and tried to conquer the world. Eventually, he was defeated by a united army of humans and giant, metallic, animal-creatures called Wild Zords. In present day (2002), the Orgs have returned thanks to the pollution of Earth. Princess Shayla and the Wild Zords choose 5 young people from different walks of life to become Power Rangers Wild Force to fight the Orgs.

    Many years ago, a student in the ninja arts calling himself Lothor was discovered to be using dark powers and plotting to rule the world and beyond and banished into space where his dark ninja powers would cause no harm. In present day (2003), the evil Lothor returns to Earth and captures the Wind Ninja Academy, removing the only obstacle between him and world domination. 3 misfit students from the academy are left, and are chosen by Sensei Watanabee to become Wind Rangers. Only when they've united the Ranger team will they become the powerful force known as Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

    Years ago, Thomas Oliver and Anton Mercer did experiments with technology and Dinosaur DNA, but an evil mutant scientist called Mesogog appeared from out of nowhere and took everything. In present day (2004), Tommy is a high school science teacher at Reefside High School in Reefside City, trying to lead a normal life. Three misfit students, whom Dr. Oliver was put in charge of for detention, discover and take ancient and powerful crystals called Dino Gems, which grants them dinosaur-like powers. Unfortunately, Mesogog returns to take the Dino Gems and use them to turn the world back to the age of dinosaurs. Dr. Oliver uses his experience as a Power Ranger to teach the teens to harness their dino-powers and to become Power Rangers Dino Thunder.

    In the year 2025, aliens and humans live in harmony. Peace in the galaxy is kept by the galactic police force, Space Patrol Delta. Unfortunately, the universe-conquering Troobian Empire, led by Emperor Gruumm, turns its destructive attention to Earth and plan to conquer it. Anubis "Doggie" Kruger, the commander of Earth's SPD (Space Patrol Delta), established in New Tech City in 2015, recruits 3 members from the B-Squad, and 2 "Robin Hood" type people to become Power Rangers SPD as Earth's newest line of defense against the Troobian Empire and the criminals that threaten peace throughout the galaxy.

    20 years ago, evil beings who possessed dark magic attacked a magical world, hoping to conquer it and beyond. 5 wizard warriors joined the fight and drove the evil back. The leader cast a spell that sent the evil beings into the Underworld and sealed them inside giant gates. In present day (2006), an earthquake occurs which cracks the gate and allows evil to slip through into our world. A sorceress named Udonna finds the five young beings destined to fight the dark forces, and helps them learn to use magic in order to become Power Rangers Mystic Force.

    A millennia ago, two brothers, Flurious and Moltor, tried to steal the Korona Aurora (the crown of the gods), but they were cursed and imprisoned within separate elements. The Sentinal Knight separated the five powerful jewels from the crown and scattered them on Earth. In present day (2007), billionaire explorer Andrew Hartford finds the crown and accidentally releases the evil brothers. He is instructed by the Sentinal Knight to choose five people to fight the brothers and other villains, scour the Earth and recover the jewels. Andrew's son Mack, and four chosen people become Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

    Over 10,000 years ago, an evil dragon named Dai-Shi, and his army of animal monsters called Beast Wariors try to destroy the human race during an event called the Beast War, but a weakened Dai-Shi gets captured in a box by Pai-Zhug (Order of the Claw) warriors who could channel their animal spirits. In present day (2008), 3 students from the Pai-Zhug academy are chosen to be protectors should Dai-Shi escape. At that moment, Dai-Shi is accidentally released and immediately begins reawakening his army and trying to gather enough fear to restore the great powers he once possessed. The 3 students follow him to Ocean Bluff where they meet their new master, RJ, who gives them Solar Morphers which allows them to become Power Rangers Jungle Fury and fight Dai-Shi's forces.

    In an alternate dimension, a self-aware, self-generating computer virus called the Venjix Virus has successfully takes over the world. It destroys everything on Earth, and everyone is forced to retreat into a shielded, domed city called Corinth for safety. The machines, however, will not rest until humanity is extinct and Earth is controlled by robots 100%. A being named Dr. K initiates Project R.A.N.G.E.R and chooses 3 young, exceptional people to become Power Rangers RPM and protect Corinth City and what remains of the human race.

    Centuries ago, in Japan, monsters that thrive on human suffering called Nighloks, led by Master Xandred, invaded our world, but they were defeated and sealed away by Samurai warriors with Symbol Powers (which can be passed down from parent to child). The Nighloks would return every few decades to try again, but would be defeated and sealed away by new teams of Samurai over and over again. In 2011, 2 years after the Jungle Fury Rangers defeated Dai-Shi for good, Master Xandred returns and plans to flood the Earth with Sanzu River water from the Netherworld, so he can escape easily. Mentor Ji signals the newest generation of warriors to come together to fight the Nighlok as the 18th team of Samurai, who will be known as Power Rangers Samurai.



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    A mysterious and evil alien group called "Warstar" prepares to commence a massive invasion of Earth, destroy its inhabitants, and take it for themselves. Gosei, the supernatural apprentice of Zordon, and his robot assistant named Tensou awaken upon Warstar's arrival. Gosei calls upon five teenagers to combat the forces of evil. With the aid of special Power Cards, the teens are able to control the earth's elements to use in their defense, from crushing rock slides to powerful floods. These teens form a team that will honor the memory of all the legendary Rangers and heroes that came before them and fight an army of evil that threatens to destroy the universe in the ultimate war between good and evil. They become Power Rangers Megaforce!

    As the Megaforce Rangers, the legendary Rangers, and the rest of the Earth celebrate the defeat of Emperor Mavro, his family, and his Armada before Earth's S.P.D division goes public, trouble is brewing on another Earth in another dimension.
    On pre-historic Earth, an alien called The Keeper, who was guarding 10 powerful crystals that can transcend time and space known as Energems, crash-lands on Earth. He secretly entrusted the Energems to 10 dinosaurs for protection from an intergalactic bounty hunter named Sledge. Unfortunately, asteroids hit the Earth, the dinosaurs went extinct, and the Energems were lost. In present day (2015), the evil bounty hunter has returned, determined to locate the Energems, harness their power, and conquer the universe. Now, a group of teenagers locate some of the Energems. The teens will have to find all the Energems before Sledge, or any other evil fiend, does. With the power of the Energems, the teenagers become Power Rangers Dino Charge.

    Galvanax is the reigning champion of the most popular intergalactic game show in the universe, Galaxy Warriors, where monsters battle to prove who is the mightiest warrior. Galvanax is determined to become invincible and conquer the universe by controlling the mythical Ninja Nexus Prism, which contains six supernatural Ninja Power Throwing Stars. The only thing standing in his way is a new team of heroic teenagers who possess the Ninja Power Stars, which turns them into Power Rangers. The evil Galvanax sends Galaxy Warrior contestants down to Earth to steal the Prism and the Stars, where each epic battle against the Rangers is broadcast throughout the universe. Together, the Rangers must master their arsenal of Throwing Stars, Zords and Megazords, each made of legendary ninja steel, in order to stop Galvanax and other evil threats and save our planet from destruction.

  • Power Rangers fans....we've come long way. Here are some refreshers of the last 20 years.


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  • Okay, this page is awesome!
  • @Zenith_Green I'm glad you like it. It took me nearly 3 hours to make it. It's made to be a reflection on all the good times we Power Ranger fans had growing up watching this show and it keeps track of the teams.
    Those were some pretty good times. Watching them beat the bad guys every time, watching scenes where the bad guys make plans, the awesome fights. I hope Megaforce turns out to be great, just like the seasons from the old days
  • I finished all the seasons a few months ago. Now I am watching them again because I can :D Gotta love Power Rangers!!!
  • @Dubby I hear you. Gotta love Power Rangers. They'll always be #1. Hey @PowerRangerPlanet, @iFresh, @NightMere10, @sayla0079, @MattEmily @vgiannell5 @Ranger91, @DekaBlue, @harsh, @zeorangerboy, you got any comments for this discussion?
    Just so everyone knows, PRM is going to stay below below "New Mighty Warriors" speech until it airs. Any season that is on TV or was on TV is above the videos and the "New Mighty Warriors" speech. Any season that is going to air soon is going to be below the videos and the "New Mighty Warriors" speech.
  • Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai was kind of good. It could have been better though, but at least we still have Power Rangers in our lives.
  • @PRThunder I agree but the final battle was awesome. I still haven't seen the episode but I saw some clips thanks to Samurai Cast, I got to say the Shogun Mode was epic in battle mode. It would have been cool if all of the rangers changed into Shogun Mode but the Shiba fire disc was only usable once for one ranger. Other than that, it was a great end to an okay PR season. (I see Mike and Emily finally got together ;) )
  • I wasn't a big fan of samurai but I did like the way they did the female red ranger arc. I remember watching this show when I was in fifth grade the first year it started it's hard to believe it's been that long.
  • We've come a long way my fellow Ranger fans. 20 years is how far we've come
  • I haven't watched Samurai yet. I am re living the moments right now starting at Mighty Morphin and going to work my way up to Super Samurai. So far my favorite episode is where Tommy and Kimberly run for class president. They are so hilarious in this episode.
  • Is that the one where they had the argument morphed and were basically ignoring Goldar?
  • @Dubby and @sayla0079 I believe you are both refering to this. It was MMPR season 2 "Best Man for the Job"
  • lol yeah this is it. Other then the fact you cut out the Goldar part.
  • I didn't cut out the Goldar part. I found this vid on Youtube. I had a better video of the fight a few months ago, but it was removed from Youtube.
  • Well, you do see them arguing in front of Goldar for like a second in that vid. His expression is pretty hilarious.
  • @DekaBlue it was a hilarious scene
    Goldar: Excuse me
    Kim: Back off. I'm talking to Mr.Runner-Up here.
    Goldar: This is ridiculous. Alright
    (Goldar turns Kim and punches her)
  • Here's a look at season 20's team of Power Rangers....POWER RANGERS MEGAFORCE.
    For centuries, the earth has been protected by a supernatural guardian being named Gosei and his robotic aide, Tensou. When the evil Warstar aliens begin their massive invasion, Gosei calls upon five teenagers to form the Power Rangers Megaforce! With the aid of special Power Cards, the teens are able to control the earth's elements to use in their defense, from crushing rock slides to powerful floods. With their newfound abilities, the Power Rangers Megaforce will prove that "Earth's defenders never surrender!" In addition to defending earth against the Warstar aliens, other monstrous factions emerge to challenge the Megaforce Rangers. Toxic mutants rise from their slimy underground lair to attack the Earth and a ruthless robot army launches an offensive from their deep sea base.
  • Looking back, it is amazing how much Power Rangers has evolve over the years with new teams, new face and new powers. Throughout these years, PR has become a part of our lives and will remain part forever. So I guess, it's a congratulation for 20 awesome years and may it continue to part of our lives.
  • I already know what we will all feel like once all the bad guys are destroyed and the Power Rangers will end for good. We already had to feel it when we were told that PRRPM was the last season. Saban saved us from that feeling for a while.

  • @PRThunder I do have to agree with @Yanman10 that it's amazing how the show has evolved over the years. Sometimes not always for the better. The show originally started back in 1993 and who would have thought they'd do a cast change in Season 2 even if it was a partial one as well as bringing back a previous Ranger in Tommy and giving him new powers.

    Not to mention the whole priceless Season 3 with Kimberly losing her Coin and then eventually regaining it and giving it to Kat. That whole season especially the Zeo Crystal stuff was written really well. Only thing that bugs me is how Rito and Goldar lost hold of the Zeo Crystal so easily. Did they get caught up in the explosion as they were teleporting away? Did the Crystal interfere with them teleporting back to the Moon?
  • I was in fifth grade when this show originally premiered it is hard to believe it has been on that long and how much it has changed.
  • The show has been around exactly as long as I have. I was born just 2 or 3 months before it started. I agree with you @MattEmily and @sayla0079. The show has been saved from ending so many times and now we've arrived at what could be the last 2 seasons. So many fights, explosions, places, people, weapons, zords, Megazords, etc.
  • So what maybe an epic conclusion to what has definitely been an epic 20 years!
  • Yes. And like every season, it ends with a bang. Or should I say...an explosion

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