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My Vortexx - The New 4Kids CW

  • Sounds cool.
  • Best Move by Saban to get it's name out there more. But I hope they don't make the same mistake they did in the 90's and do everything at one time and lose alot of money.
  • I think they should start from the beginning. So people who missed out on MMPR-In space can watch the glory.

    Will they have other old saban shows such as, digimon, beetleborgs, vr troopers and TMNT?
  • I would be so freaking happy if they showed Digimon again. hell, I'd love it if Saban got the rights back to Digimon.

    Not sure yet.
  • Saban should, it was a great show; the movie however, didn't really do the show Justice. I think it would be great if Saban gained rights to digimon that way the show would be on Netflix as well as amazon instant stream. and also Tv :)
  • What about Shinzo and Transformers Robots in Disguise? They were dubbed by Saban too.
  • No word yet
  • Mhm, i don't remember those ones.
  • Shinzo is an Anime show that's based on Chinese Mythology "Journey to the West" just like the Dragonball series and Transformers Robots in Disguise is one of the shows based on one of Hasbro's toy lines actually animated in Japan and dubbed by Saban. Unlike the Transformers show that was made in the 80's in Japan but showed in the US.
  • While I loved Shinzo, I hated the voice actor for him so much
  • Shinzo is a place. Not a character.
  • *facepalm* *headdesk* I know. I was typing too fast and forgot to put the character's name. (Ah, no wonder. The voice of Mushra was Tom Gibis and he did the voice of Michael in Digimon Adventure 02. I hated Michael).

    If it wasn't done with Nelvana, I'd love to see Medabots on Vortexx. Or Megaman as well.
  • lololol, happens to the best of us buddy :P
  • I'm sure a lot of us enjoy Digimon.... not to mention the awesome voices. Neil Kaplan as Hawkman and its natural digivolved forms.

    Derek Stephen Prince as Veemon and pretty much all of his digivolved forms.
    Robert Axelrod as Armadillomon and the first Wizardmon. I have to wonder why they changed the Narrator voice.

    Season 1's Narrator had been done by Baboo himself, Dave Mallow, also the voice behind Angemon and MagnaAngemon.

    So I wonder why Tom Wyner became the Season 2 Narrator.
  • Maybe it's a simple as Dave Mallow got a better job. *shrugs*

    My two favorite voice actors on Digimon were/are Derek Stephen Prince and Joshua Seth (first voice actor for Tai Kamiya).
  • And you're not deeply ashamed that you know the voice actors on digimon? LOL I love the show but i don't even know there names. XD
  • If it's someone I like a lot, or hear in other shows, I'll take the time to google it. I've known who the voice actors for Digimon was since i was like, 10.

    It's like, I know most of the voice actor for Nick shows and my favorite anime shows. If I like the anime/character/voice actor that much, I take the time to look them up to see what else they've done to check it out and see how good/bad it is.
  • That's true, i guess i do that too from time to time. Haha, sorry for making fun of you. haha

  • No worries, dude.
  • @NightMere10 Don't know about that since Dave Mallow still provided the voices for Angemon/Angemon/Pegasusmon and Upamon. Upamon being Armadillomon's In-training form.

    @Dubby Nope. Why should we, NightMere and I be ashame of that? Even though they're nothing more than voice actors, they are still talent and should be treated the same as actual actors. Granted not all people treat voice actors and live-action actors the same but personally they should.
    Also I'm almost pretty much like NightMere with the voice acting talent however I've only paid attention to shows' credits like Power Rangers and Digimon since back then they were the only ones that were on Fox Kids that I watched closely so I usually noticed someone on Digimon sounding like someone else from Power Rangers.
  • If you read my post i already said my bad and said i did the same with shows like Last Airbender.
  • @Dubby I know, I just wanted to make my own comment on it.

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