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Power Rangers Megaforce: Official Discussion
  • Originally found by DarkBlaze/RangerWisdom. All credit goes to him.

    Power Rangers MEGAFORCE (PRM) is coming!


    Saban said:

    THE BIG 2-0

    Next year will mark the landmark 20th Anniversary of the Power Rangers brand, an occasion for which Saban Brands is already deep in preparation. Plans for the anniversary include a new series, “Power Rangers MEGAFORCE.”

    Saban Brands plans to embrace the series’ cross-generational appeal during the anniversary by celebrating its past as well as its present and future.

    Older fans will be able to participate in special events and online activities, while new products and the new show will attract younger fans.

    “We’re in an exciting place as a brand. We look at the 20th anniversary not just as a celebration of the past, but as our entry into a third decade,” Dekel says.

    With new series launching every two years that reinvent the brand and change its theme, Power Rangers looks to remain a force in children’s entertainment. “Just like our audience, we’re constantly reinventing ourselves,” Dekel adds. “We can honestly say that after 20 years, this isn’t a fluke – kids really do identify with and engage with this show.”

    The next series will be adapted from Goseiger: According to Retail Merchandiser, the new season will “embrace the series’ cross-generational appeal during the anniversary by celebrating its past as well as its present and future. Older fans will be able to participate in special events and online activities.” They also state that a new Power Rangers series will launch every two years with a new theme

    And fun fact: Season 2 of MEGAFORCE will be called Ultra MEGAFORCE due to the name on the original trademark protection papers. (Saban had previously trademarked SuperMEGAFORCE and UltraMEGAFROCE).

  • good news.

    though MegaForce is such a cheesy name and UltraMega Force is even worse!

    Loved Gokaiger and hope Saban don't ruin it! they need to get a good balance.

    also if its two seasons of megaforce does that mean 20eps season 1 and 20 eps season 2 like with Samurai?
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  • Super cheesy, I must agree. But as long as they don't destroy Gokaiger, i'll be ok with it.
  • I hope that is not the official name for the new season as it is too cheesy. But hopefully they will not ruin Gokaiger especially since it was my first ever sentai series that I have seen fully and it was awesome. Come on Saban don't mess this series up like you did for Samurai!
  • Yanman, it IS the official name for the next season.
  • @NightMere10 Oh OK my bad :D. It is very cheesy though. All well, hopefully it will be an awesome season.
  • I'm going to pretend this season didn't exist. Saban - you're dead to me.
    Kotae wa kiitenai - I can't hear you
  • Yes, it's Pirates because of "celebrating its past as well as its present and future" as well as they're re-shooting Legend War. It's Gokaiger.

    Personally, I'm kinda hoping they do some type of hybrid with the two seasons.
  • That would have been pretty cool combining the two.
  • Megaforce? Why not call it Pirate force or SpaceForce? Lol Megaforce is kind of corny.
  • my friend reckons they're going to use a combination of Goseiger and Gokaiger.

    Goseiger Suits and Zords.

    Gokaiger's story plot, minus the pirate motif and morpher (morphin into other teams)

    of course its just a theory and probs holds no substance
    My Ranger Team:

    Red: Andros
    Blue: Billy
    Black: Adam
    Yellow: Ashley
    Pink: Jenn
    Sixth: Tommy - Green
  • They're using the Sentai Pirates!? No No No! That is one of the worst ideas ever. Y not use the one with the Angels and leave out the pirates. If all the Ranger powers end up as little key/figure, then it will make the Rangers look ridiculous.
  • MarioRanger, who works for Bandai Germany and has been briefed on next year's plans, confirmed the title is indeed 'MEGAFORCE' and the logo looks "Explosive."
  • don't really care what they do with Gokaiger...but i am looking forward to buying some toys.
  • MarioRanger, who works for Bandai Germany and has been briefed on next year's plans, confirmed the title is indeed 'MEGAFORCE' and the logo looks "Explosive."

    Do you have the link of the logo i wouldlove to see it:))
  • If I had a link, I would've posted it with my original post.

    It's not been released yet. MarioRanger's not allowed to show the logo yet as part of the Non-Disclosure Agreement he signed to not leak info early. Wait until Tuesday, during the Licensing Expo, I bet we finally get it (or news on whatever Power Rider is).

    If people are questioning his countability, he was the first to break news on what PRSamurai would've been called, what the logo for it was and what the Super Samurai logo was, and when PRSamurai toys would be in McDonalds on Rangerboard. Plus, countless other things for the PR fandom as as well.
  • I hope that we are misunderstanding the info and that the 20th season will be using Goseiger (angels) with the plot of Gokaiger (pirates). If they use the Gokaigers for the next season then I'm gonna hit the roof. Which team would fit the name "Power Rangers" better?

  • how about they worry finishing this season? they havent even shown any new ones for a few weeks now....I never watched the sentai version but i hope that they can do it justice
  • What would it matter? The Samurai cast isn't even a part of the two seasons unless they do the tribute episodes. You'll mot likely find out tomorrow which one it is.
  • @zeoranger6matt You're right. We have to worry about this season getting better. It hasn't been that good, so I'm hoping it will get better before and during the season finale. We also have to worry about the season(s) after that. If they don't turn out well, it will lose the popularity it had all those years ago.

  • No, it won't. There will always be kids out there that will watch the show. Just because you're older, you think it'll tank if YOU don't like it.
  • According to this press release, it has confirmed that our newest PR season will be an adaption of.......GOSEIGER

    Scroll down to read the rest of the post.

    Credit goes to Mr. Yellow for the find:

    Saban Brands' Power Rangers Megaforce to Premiere on Nickelodeon in Early 2013.

    Power Rangers Megaforce introduces a plot line that is sure to captivate audiences with exciting new characters, villains, and high-octane action. The new series features Gosei, a supernatural guardian who for centuries, has protected the earth with his robotic aide, Tensou. But when the evil Warstar aliens begin their massive invasion, Gosei calls upon five teenagers with attitude to form the ultimate team...the Power Rangers Megaforce!

    When the teens morph into Power Rangers, they gain superhuman strength, agility, and mastery over martial arts. In addition to defending earth against the Warstar aliens, other monstrous factions emerge to challenge the Megaforce Rangers. Under the leadership of a malevolent alien, toxic beasts rise from their slimy underground lair to attack the Earth and a ruthless robot army launches an offensive from their deep sea compound. In order to face these new threats, the Power Rangers Megaforce unlock powerful battle modes to fight their adversaries. Go Go Power Rangers! – fans can look forward to all new MEGA adventures in 2013.

    Read more. here: http://www.virtualpressoffice.com/publicsiteContentFileAccess?fileContentId=850069&fromOtherPageToDisableHistory=T&menuName=Events

    TI stand corrected. All evidence was pointing towards Gokaiger being the next to be adapted. This plot sounds almost identical to MMPR. A supernatural guardian watches over earth with his robotic ally...that is basically Zordon and Alpha lol. Now, I understand why they wanted to go with a younger looking cast. Honestly, if they're doing the whole "high school teenagers with attitude" plot again, I won't be that happy with it.

    I, personally, hated Goseiger, but hey, another season is another season. I'm still convinced that they'll be doing a hybrid thing and have Goseiger in 2013, keep the cast, and have them get the Gokaiger powers in 2014.

    And for those of you who are still skeptical: Official Press Release from Saban: http://www.sabanbrands.com/pdfs/Saban_Power_Rangers_Megaforce.pdf
  • You would think that since it is an 20th Anniversary Season, they would up their game a produce a season fit for this special occasion. But no, Saban have to go and waste a special moment on season like Goseiger, which was great, but not has awesome has Gokaiger.

    Oh well, hopefully they would do the hybrid season between Goseiger and Gokaiger.
  • i'm absolutely gutted about this. I didn't like Goseiger and Gokaiger was fantastic, guess they'll scrap Gokaiger as can't use it in future.

    i'm worried that Saban is getting to mess up badly. a rehash of MMPR is a silly idea.
    My Ranger Team:

    Red: Andros
    Blue: Billy
    Black: Adam
    Yellow: Ashley
    Pink: Jenn
    Sixth: Tommy - Green
  • I'm not giving up hope about Gokaiger. I bet we'll see it in a way we don't expect. Some people are thinking that they're double casting for the newer season.

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