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Big Bad Beetleborgs

01. Beetle Rock - Part 1                                           [Download]  [Watch]
02. Beetle Rock - Part 2 [Download]  [Watch]
03. TNT For Two [Download]  [Watch]
04. The Ghost Is Toast [Download]  [Watch]
05. Treasure Hillhurst Mansion [Download]  [Watch]
06. Never Cry Werewolf [Download]  [Watch]
07. Say The Magic Word [Download]  [Watch]
08. Lights, Camera, Too Much Action [Download]  [Watch]
09. Nano In The House [Download]  [Watch]
10. Locomotion Commotion [Download]  [Watch]
11. Cat-Tastrophy [Download]  [Watch]
12. Drew And Flabber's ... [Download]  [Watch]
13. Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun [Download]  [Watch]
14. It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World [Download]  [Watch]
15. The Hunchback Of Hillhurst [Download]  [Watch]
16. The Littlest Brattleborg [Download]  [Watch]
17. Haunted Hideout [Download]  [Watch]
18. Monster Rock [Download]  [Watch]
19. Convention Dimension [Download]  [Watch]
20. Root Of All Evil [Download]  [Watch]
21. The Doctor Is In [Download]  [Watch]
22. Space Case [Download]  [Watch]
23. The Brain In The Attic [Download]  [Watch]
24. Bye Bye Frankie [Download]  [Watch]
25. Fangs Over Charterville [Download]  [Watch]
26. Curse Of The Shadow Borg [Download]  [Watch]
27. Rise Of The Blaster Borg [Download]  [Watch]
28. The Revenge Of Vexor [Download]  [Watch]
29. A Friend In Need [Download]  [Watch]
30. Raiders Of The Tomb [Download]  [Watch]
31. Big Rumble In Charterville [Download]  [Watch]
32. Yo Ho Borgs [Download]  [Watch]
33. Christmas Bells And Phasm's Spells [Download]  [Watch]
34. Pet Problems [Download]  [Watch]
35. Phantom Of Hillhurst [Download]  [Watch]
36. Operation Frankenbeans [Download]  [Watch]
37. The Curse Of Mums' Tomb [Download]  [Watch]
38. This Old Ghost [Download]  [Watch]
39. Jo's Strange Change [Download]  [Watch]
40. She Wolf [Download]  [Watch]
41. Something Fishy [Download]  [Watch]
42. Bride Of Frankenbeans [Download]  [Watch]
43. Fangula's Last Bite [Download]  [Watch]
44. The Good, The Bad, And The Scary [Download]  [Watch]
45. Buggin' Out [Download]  [Watch]
46. Svengali, By Golly [Download]  [Watch]
47. Big Bad Luck [Download]  [Watch]
48. A Monster Is Born [Download]  [Watch]
49. Norman Nussbaum: Vampire Hunter [Download]  [Watch]
50. Brotherly Fright [Download]  [Watch]
51. Fright Files [Download]  [Watch]
52. BorgSlayer [Download]  [Watch]
53. Vexor's Last Laugh [Download]  [Watch]
Beetleborgs Metallix

54. Crush Of The Crustaceans                                 [Download]  [Watch]
55. Metallix Rising [Download]  [Watch]
56. Battlestation Alert [Download]  [Watch]
57. Ghoul Trouble [Download]  [Watch]
58. Totally Slammin' Sector Cycles [Download]  [Watch]
59. Headless Over Heels [Download]  [Watch]
60. A Monster Impostor [Download]  [Watch]
61. Horror Hotel [Download]  [Watch]
62. Les Is More [Download]  [Watch]
63. Sunset Boo-levard [Download]  [Watch]
64. Extra...Beetleborgs Revealed [Download]  [Watch]
65. Who's That Ghoul [Download]  [Watch]
66. Attack Of The Brain Suckers [Download]  [Watch]
67. Don't Fear The Reaper [Download]  [Watch]
68. The Old Gray Flabber [Download]  [Watch]
69. Son Of Frankenbeans [Download]  [Watch]
70. How Does Your Garden Grow [Download]  [Watch]
71. The Curse Of The Mummy's Mommy [Download]  [Watch]
72. Halloween Haunted House Of Horrors [Download]  [Watch]
73. Booger Man [Download]  [Watch]
74. The Poe And The Pendulum [Download]  [Watch]
75. The Lost Comic [Download]  [Watch]
76. Enter The Dragon Borg [Download]  [Watch]
77. To Foretell The Truth [Download]  [Watch]
78. Wolfie's Wild Ride [Download]  [Watch]
79. Lady And The Champ [Download]  [Watch]
80. Astral Ransom [Download]  [Watch]
81. Astral Ambush [Download]  [Watch]
82. Roboborg [Download]  [Watch]
83. Mega Spectra Beetleborgs [Download]  [Watch]
84. Battle Of The Giants [Download]  [Watch]
85. Robo Rumble [Download]  [Watch]
86. Super Fang [Download]  [Watch]
87. Experiment In Evil [Download]  [Watch]
88. Mega Borg Power [Download]  [Watch]